GDB - GNU debugger#

gdb without any arguments automatically uses a.out

C programs should be compiled with -g

To make a program produce a core file for debugging with gdb after-the-fact do: ulimit -c unlimited

gdb  myProgram  [core]

run [args] r run the program
kill k stop program from running
quit q exit debugger
help h
^C stop / interrupt the program
continue c continue execution
list l show program code
next n go over next line
step s go into next line
print x p print value of x
backtrace bt show stack
frame n f change to stack frame n
info locals i lo display local variables
info args i ar display command line arguments
info frame i f stack frame information


break file.c:45 b set breakpoint at line 45 of file.c
break myfun b set breakpoint at beginning of myfun()
info breakpoints i br list breakpoints
disable 2 disable breakpoint 2
clear XXXX cl delete breakpoint at location XXXX
delete nnn d delete breakpoint number nnn

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