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This wiki and its contents were created and are maintained by Blake McBride.

!! Some of the software written by Blake is located [here|https://github.com/blakemcbride?tab=repositories].

!! Blake's home page is located [here|http://blake.mcbride.name].

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[apt-get] Software package management under Ubuntu Linux

[bash] the standard command prompt batch language on the Linux OS

[C Data Sizes] Data type sizes in C/C++

[C#|http://wiki.arahant.com/files/CSharp.pdf] The C# Language

[CLOS] Common Lisp Object System

[Common Lisp]  The Common Lisp language

[ed] ed Editor

[emacs] emacs editor

[GDB] GNU Debugger

[GPG|http://wiki.arahant.com/files/gpg.pdf] GNU Privacy Guard (public key and conventional encryption)

[grep] Unix / Linux search command

[Java] The Java programming language

[JavaScript] The JavaScript Language

[LaTeX] The LaTeX document preparation system

[MSSQL] Microsoft SQL Server

[MM] Troff Memorandum Macros

[MySQL] MySQL Database

[NFS] Network File System used in Linux / Unix

[PostgreSQL] PostgreSQL SQL Database Server

[Python] The Python language

[RDP]  using Linux to access a Windows server via Windows' remote desktop

[Scheme-problems]  Problems with the Scheme programming language

[screen] Linux "screen" command

[Scrum] Agile development framework

[SSH] Secure Shell

[SSHFS] SSH File System (mount remote drives over SSH)

[SQL] SQL Command Syntax

[SVNvsGIT] Subversion vs. GIT

[teco|http://wiki.arahant.com/files/teco.pdf] The Teco editor

[tomcat] Web (J2EE) server

[Ubuntu Linux Startup Process]

[vi] VI Editor