Network File System notes#

Server Side#

exportfs -v		list exported paths
exportfs -a		export drives specified by /etc/exports
exportfs -au		unexport all drives
exportfs -ra		exports has changed - reset
You can't unmount an exported drive but you can unexport, umount, mount a different drive and export it while others are using the export. The attached machines will have to unmount and re-mount the share, however.


	Only the first 24 bits are relevant
You can add more exports to the same drive by repeating the second part separated by a space or with a \ line continuation.

Client Side#

showmount -e 192.168.1.x
mount 192.168.1.x:/media/disk /mnt/disk
umount /mnt/disk


theserver:/home/dir   /mnt/dir  nfs   defaults   0   0

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