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apt-get Software package management under Ubuntu Linux

bash the standard command prompt batch language on the Linux OS

C Data Sizes Data type sizes in C/C++

C# The C# Language

CLOS Common Lisp Object System

Common Lisp The Common Lisp language

ed ed Editor

emacs emacs editor

GDB GNU Debugger

GPG GNU Privacy Guard (public key and conventional encryption)

grep Unix / Linux search command

Java The Java programming language

JavaScript The JavaScript Language

LaTeX The LaTeX document preparation system

MSSQL Microsoft SQL Server

MM Troff Memorandum Macros

MySQL MySQL Database

NFS Network File System used in Linux / Unix

PostgreSQL PostgreSQL SQL Database Server

Python The Python language

RDP using Linux to access a Windows server via Windows' remote desktop

Scheme-problems Problems with the Scheme programming language

screen Linux "screen" command

Scrum Agile development framework

SSH Secure Shell

SSHFS SSH File System (mount remote drives over SSH)

SQL SQL Command Syntax

SVNvsGIT Subversion vs. GIT

teco The Teco editor

tomcat Web (J2EE) server

Ubuntu Linux Startup Process

vi VI Editor

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